Ginger Park

Ginger Park, 1375 Washington Street, South End

Ginger Park, 1375 Washington Street, South End

Last Thursday night, Lauren and I made a trip to Ginger Park in the South End- It was fantastic! Ginger Park is located in the old Banq space at 1375 Washington Street, but has been remodeled into what we thought was a very innovative exciting feeling space. We were there on the early side, so there were not many diners there, but that meant we were warmly welcomed and had excellent service.

Ginger Park has a very fun Sake menu as well as an unusual wine menu with wines that complement the Southeast Asian menu. There were also a number of fun drinks including a Tamarind Margarita, Ginger Park Sling and Kyoto Cooler.

I Think what Lauren and I really enjoyed was the small tasting plates. We ordered five different items including Red Chief Lentil and Green Chili Fritters (my favorite), Crispy Shrimp and Mushroom Wontons, Wok Charred Brussels Sprouts, Another delicious Shrimp dish(Lauren’s favorite- wish I could remember what it was called) and the Spring Rolls. Everything was delicious and the tab was very reasonable. I would go back in a heart beat. I love this kind of meal and we left feeling that it was both a healthy and delicious meal. We did not order dessert, but the waiter brought us two tiny cups of an extra rich hot chocolate drink! Oh my God!  Check out their menu at their website: .

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Lauren
    I love your blog and your review of Ginger Park! I had just heard about the restaurant and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t forget the name (but of course I did!) so I am sooo glad you checked it out! Great review!!!

    Have fun,
    Elizabeth aka “Mrs Canny”!

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