Gari Cuisine on Harvard Street in Brookline

This was my first experience with Japanese food- I really enjoyed it although I did find the chop sticks challenging!  Because Lauren has been to a lot of Sushi restaurants, she has written this weeks review. Great job Lauren!

From the outside, Gari does not look like much.  In fact, as we pulled up I realized that Gari was the pretty average looking sushi place I walk by every day on my way to and from work, so my expectations were somewhat low.  As we approached the door I was thinking we might even be better off going down the street to the more fancy looking sushi place.  BUT…  The food was sooo delicious.  The sushi was both beautiful looking and tasty!  The interior of the restaurant was also a very fun design with giant red flowers across the walls and an overall modern yet authentic feel.  I have had lots of delicious sushi and Gari’s is right up there with the best (possibly the best).  Everything was fresh and delicious from the simple salmon avocado roll to the more complex (and quite large) Dragon roll – this my mom could not fit in her mouth all at one time, which elicited some looks of disapproval from the waiter but was also very entertaining.  While some of the restaurants we have been to rely heavily on their aesthetic appeal, I think Gari lets the quality of their food speak for itself.  Once you find yourself at Gari, I think you will take their quality over ornate decorations and eye catching entrances any day. – Lauren

Check out their updated website at: http://www.garifusion.comGari Watkins


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5 responses to “Gari Cuisine on Harvard Street in Brookline

  1. Sue Evans

    I’m going to forward this question to Keir, ex-college student, but still on a strict budget! I would forward to Jordan, but she’s eating under the stars at the moment…


    PS – I am still for cheap good food however!

  2. Sue Durkin

    Great blogging! Dont you think these restaurants should give you guys red carpet treatment (or at least free appetizers)? 🙂

  3. Mary Minott

    Congratulations guys, this is great!!! I will certainly refer to this to find fun places to eat out. The write-ups are well done and very informative. I haven’t been to the South End much, will definitely have to get over there. Please keep it up.

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