Wondering what you think…

So far we have had 2 requests….find a late night spot in the Cambridge area that serves great food at a reasonable prices and secondly, ideas for cheap eats for college students . I would like to know what a college student would be willing to pay for dinner if taking someone on a date? Does that even happen anymore?


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3 responses to “Wondering what you think…

  1. I’ll have to get back to you on that one after I check with my two college students who will then wonder what the heck their mother is up to!

  2. Garrett

    After talking with a few of my college friends about it, and myself being the avid eater that I am, I would say dinner date’s do still happen all the time. Although I can’t put a price on going out on dates with lauren, I’d say around 45-60 dollars seems right for a pretty typical college date, tax and tip included. Unfortunatley, with lauren going away in the spring, I’m going to be dinner date-less for a while, so maybe I can jump on the waiting list for a 52resturaunts52weeks college dinner date? Happy to help any time, blog looks great Mrs. Swayze!

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