Toscano on Charles Street

Toscano on Charles StreetThis week Lauren and I decided on Toscono  on Charles Street because we had noticed the very happy seeming patrons spilling out on Charles Street both when we ate at Scampo and on another evening when we were across the street at Figs. This picture does not really do it justice, but Toscono has a very warm and authentically Tuscan  feel inside. The service was the best we have had anywhere. Our waitress was a real pro and easily reeled off about 12 specials that change twice daily.  She indicated that they were very flexible about doing half portions of pastas and able to combine two or three that would go well together on a plate. From our experience,  this is the way to go! Lauren had two pastas that complemented each other- a delicious tagliatelle granchio- (lump crab meat with tomato sauce) and gnocchi checca which is handmade at Toscano with tomato, mozzerella and basil- sooo good. We also had a nice baby arugula salad and tried the braised calamari  in zimino (spicy sauce). It was all good and the bread was also homemade and fantastic. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend was the pizza. I ordered a pizza with homemade sausage and it was really average. If you want really good thin crust pizza, go across the street to Figs. Lauren and I went there before we started blogging- that’s another really fun spot. We were too full to have dessert- sorry readers, we’ll try harder next time. Check out the desserts and other menus at their website:

Anyway, the whole Charles Street atmosphere is so nice. There are a lot of people out and about shopping and having dinner etc and so many great restaurants to choose from. Lauren and I also tried and loved 75 Chestnut Street back in the early fall. It has a neighborhood English Pub feeling to it and seemed to have a lot of regulars dining there. Another great thing about eating in Beacon Hill for the out-of-towner is that you can park at the Boston Common Garage anytime after 4:00 for $11.00 which is a great fall back if you can’t find a meter. There are still a whole lot more restaurants to try in Beacon Hill, but next week we are hoping to get to the North End for-  you guessed it – Chinese food at Billy Tse!


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4 responses to “Toscano on Charles Street

  1. Cathy Brown

    Thanks so much for telling me about the blog! I loove Toscano too and look forward to further entries by team Swayze. xoxo BTW,Spain was unbelievable – see you soon.

  2. sarah koch

    what a great blog! I’m so happy that someone had the great idea to do a mother-daughter restaurant blog for all of us mothers that like to dine out with our daughters. Please come to New York!

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