Che buono questo ristorante cinese!

Billy Tse- really good Chinese food  in the North End! This bright and cheery Chinese restaurant in the North End is a great place to grab Chinese or Japanese food (they have 2 menus) if you are on the waterfront or in the North End and don’t feel like dealing with the touristy crowds. The crowd is mostly local and they are there for the good Chinese food, the quick and helpful service and the  diversity of menu in an area that is dominated by the many great but crowded North End Italian restaurants and the large chains and hotels in Quincy Market and the waterfront .

Our friend who recommended Billy Tse told us the bar was the place to be and she was right. As usual, we were eating on the earlier side and the bar filled up quickly while the main restaurant was empty when we left at 8:00. I ordered the  Crispy Sweet and Spicy Thai Basil Chicken  and Lauren ordered Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Tuna Maki from the Japanese menu. We felt that the Chinese menu was the way to go . The chicken dish was spicy and delicious and the vegetable fried rice was great. We had a side of the mushrooms and pea pods and they were good too. My friend who loves this restaurant is absolutely in love with the Sesame Chicken  and her husband loves the General Tse’s Chicken.  This is a restaurant that I would also put in the category of very reasonably priced . We spent $55.00 including drinks and had  enough left over food to make another meal for two. The food is not gourmet Chinese – it is the good quality Chinese that one would hope for -fresh ingredients and large portions.  I loved the funky feel that Billy Tse has and I would go back if I have time- so many restaurants to try so little time.  Check out their menu for yourself at their website: Next week we will be dining pre-Thanksgiving at the Buttery in the South End and also taking a few of their pies down to Connecticut to the family Thanksgiving feast. I don’t make pies and I am not proud.


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2 responses to “Che buono questo ristorante cinese!

  1. Mary Higgins

    Wow, that seems rather unique, a Chinese/Japanese restaurant. Do they have a sushi menu as well? Sounds like this would be a great choice for my family. We can never agree on one cuisine.

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