The South End Buttery

We had  a lot of fun at the South End Buttery. The Thanksgiving vacation meant guest tasters!! Excellent. Gary, Charlie, Lauren and her friend Garrett  were all able to meet in town for dinner on Tuesday night. Gary and Charlie came together and it turns out that there is also a 314 Shawmut Ave in Roxbury – F.Y.I. navigation system users. They pulled up to a very dark and stormy looking building before figuring out that they were in the wrong section of Boston. Oh well, everyone lived. .

We had been told that the downstairs dining room was really nice, so we asked to sit down there. I immediately loved the warm atmosphere in this restaurant.. Okay, I think this is the answer to the not too expensive date quandary. The dinning room only has about 7  or 8 tables and is really cozy with a gas fireplace. We had a reservation for 6:30 and every table was taken by 7:00, so you definitely need a reservation.

There were plenty of choices on the menu – all very reasonably priced. I had a shrimp curry that I liked a lot. Gary had Pasta Bolognaise which he loved and Charlie and Garrett had the $12.00 Buttery Burger with fries that they both thought was great.  Lauren had  the Veggie Buttery Burger  which she says was delicious and very original. We split some Caesar salads -good, but easy on the dressing please! Gary also tried the  oysters which were good.

The South End Buttery also has an bakery and an amazing brunch menu. It is packed in there on the weekends and at lunch on weekdays. When I picked up our Thanksgiving pies on Wednesday, I saw some really delicious turkey chili going by on a waiter’s tray with delicious bread- I am getting really hungry writing this. Anyway, about the desserts…I ordered an Apple Pie and a Pumpkin Pie as per order of my family in Connecticut and then I saw the Chocolate Bread Pudding with caramel and chocolate on the menu…well obviously we were going to try that. They were all good- I think my sister in law’s pumpkin pie with pecan topping was probably the best, but the bread pudding was soooo good. Here is the link to all their menus.. check it out!

On the agenda for the coming weeks….

Polish in South Boston to gear up for the whole Czech dining scene- We are thinking about Cafe Polonia in Dorchester?

Elephant Walk in Lauren’s neighborhood on Beacon Street- Cambodian Food

Masa in the South End Mexican/Spanish

Also…got some ideas on the late night Cambridge diners request… One reader suggested ” How about Club Casablanca on Brattle St., which is right at The Brattle Theater, or Henrietta’s Table, the lower priced alternative in the Charles Hotel? “

Tell us what you think!

Robin and Lauren




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2 responses to “The South End Buttery

  1. Sue Durkin

    This place sounds amazing- anything involving butter or even the word butter makes my mouth water. How decadent does a “Buttery Burger” sound?!

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