Sensing at the Fairmont Hotel, Battery Wharf

This week Lauren and I ventured over to Battery Wharf to try the nouvelle cuisine at Sensing. Sensing is owned by much acclaimed,  3 star Michelin  Chef Guy Martin . Before it opened in January of 2009,  many Boston foodies expected it to become one of the best, if not the best restaurant in Boston based on his reputation. Apparently, he was here last winter to get it opened and then quickly returned to Paris leaving the restaurant in the hands of another well known chef- Gerard Barbin, formerly of Martin’s Le Grand Vefour in Paris.

Anyway, the reason that I decided to try Sensing is because I have been hearing about Groupon, Living Social, and on the news and thought it might be fun to try out one of their coupon deals. If you don’t know about these companies, they essentially get bulk deals at restaurants, sporting events, spas and other services and pass the savings along in daily deals sent to you via email. I saw their coupon for Sensing and thought it might be fun to try it out. What I bought was a coupon with a value of $50.00 for $20.00. That would give us each about $15.00  off our entree- which is essentially half off at this restaurant. Sensing is more expensive than most of the restaurants we have chosen, but with the coupon…. So, when we arrived at Sensing our first impression was that the restaurant has a just okay atmosphere for a  mid-range hotel restaurant. The furniture is a little cheap looking, but the bar area and open kitchen areas are nice. We were seated by a very nice maitre d’ who immediately told us that they were having a special offer and the entrees were 1/2 price . WHAT! I did this whole Groupon thing for nothing! Lauren and I did some quick calculations  (she is good at Calculus :)) and figured out that we would probably be better off saving the Groupon for another day, but after tasting the food, we decided to use our Groupon because, lets face it, we are unlikely to go back. The food is not bad in any way, it was just pretty tasteless.

For appitizers, Lauren had the mushroom ravioli and I has the baby red leaf salad with herbs, beets and candied pumpkin seeds.   My salad was delicious, but Lauren’s mushroom ravioli was really dissapointing- kind of rubbery with not too much taste.  For our main course, Lauren and I both ordered fish. Lauren had their signature Cod steamed in lemongrass, seasonal vegetables, coconut and grapefruit sauce and I had the pan fried lobster, chocolate gnocchi, ‘Honey Pot Farms’ pear essence. Despite the whole chocolate thing, we both felt that we were losing weight as we ate- not necessarily a bad thing, but you kind of hate to pay for it. There was just so little flavor. As you can see the presentation is nicely done, but what is that foamy stuff? I am probably, once again, showing my lack of sophistication, but, oh well. On the positive side, The service was very good. The wait staff didn’t have a lot of other things they needed to do since there were only a few people in the restaurant, but they were very pleasant and  did a good job. All in all, I would have to put this near the bottom of all the places we have tried. Sorry Sensing. Also, I know a lot of people who swear by these coupon deals, but so far, I can’t say that I am a fan. If you have had good experience with one of these companies, we would love to hear about it.

Bon Appetite!

Robin and Lauren


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3 responses to “Sensing at the Fairmont Hotel, Battery Wharf

  1. nancy bildner

    Robin and Lauren, what fun. great idea to explore together. i’ve enjoyed reading your blog and commend your honesty and perspective. you still have alot a eating to do. nancy

  2. Andrea Fish

    Robin and Lauren- I really enjoy this blog and I guess I share your “unsophistication” because that dish with the foamy stuff reminds me of what happens after my dog eats grass! Keep giving us the truth and have fun. Andrea

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