Dali in Somerville!!

We really loved Dali in Somerville!!

This is a  unique spot.  One of those restaurants that doesn’t take reservations and fills up by 7:00 with a mix of  people who all seem to be really enjoying themselves. This is a very popular restaurant  with  a terrific atmosphere. We were there on a Monday night and the bar was overflowing with people waiting to get a table when we left.  When you arrive at Dali,  you will immediately feel as if you have been transported to Spain. Everything in this restaurant feels authentically Spanish. The service was also great. Our waiter and the hostess were both Spanish and very helpful and friendly. We were greeted in Spanish and the waiter delivered the drinks with an enthusiastic “Salud!’

This photo shows the painting in the room where we ate. This is an amazing, huge painting that spans almost the entire room,  of all sorts of characters having a decadent meal in a restaurant in front of another painting of…well- go and check it out for yourself.  There are fun things to look at on every wall and some ceilings! Paintings, memorabilia, wild boar heads- there is something for everyone.

About the food…

We had lots of really delicious food ….

As you may remember, I said that if I went to another tapas bar, I would order something a little outside my comfort zone and so I ordered the Wild Boar!!! Yup – that’s right, well okay it was farm raised Boar, but it sure was good! It tasted like veal stew.

We also had..

Spicy shrimp- the waiter had suggested this and we thought it was just okay- a little Boaring ( get it?)

Lobster and Crab ravioli- yummmmm

Baked Goat Cheese with Basil and Tomato (a lot like pizza, but good)

Paella del Oceano- classic Spanish saffron rice dish with loads of shellfish and other fish, red peppers and bright green peas. This is a  lighter and more colorful version of Paella than the one we tried at Toro.

For dessert, we tried the Ubiquitous Flan- really good and fun to say.

If you get the chance, this one is really worth the trip ( we parked on the street and fed the meter once). to check out their menu, go to  www.dalirestaurant.com

Bon Appetite and Happy New Year!

Robin and Lauren


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3 responses to “Dali in Somerville!!

  1. Sue Durkin

    We’ve eaten at Dali as a family- Brian’s GDA spanish class went there on a special field trip, and had so much fun that Brian wanted us all to try it. It was awesome!

    Dont think i’d be up for wild boar, though! 🙂

  2. Mary Higgins

    Just wondering…did you experience a radical transformation of all existing social, scientific, and philosophical values through the total liberation of the unconscious while eating your wild boar?

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