Coppa on Shawmut Ave in the South End

Last night, Lauren and I met at Coppa in the South End. We picked this one because we liked Toro so much and this is another Ken Oringer/Jamie Bissonnette restaurant that is really wonderful. This is an Italian restaurant that specializes in small plates and locally sourced sustainable ingredients. You should know that their liquor license is limited. There is beer, wine and cordial based cocktails.  Maybe it’s my age and the fact that I live in the suburbs, but coming into town and enjoying the energy of these small, friendly, but edgy spots that don’t have enough seats for everyone who would like to enjoy their food is really appealing. We were there early (is this a surprise to anyone?) but the restaurant was full by 7:00. This is a great spot to stop by and enjoy a stuzi and a glass of wine or stay for a meal. It’s tiny- there are only 40 seats, so it is no surprise that with the great food, it fills right up.

By the way, the South End is so cool. I had to wait a bit for Lauren and they put me at the window in the front. In the summer, these huge windows must open up to the street which would be nice. Anyway, with the snow and all it was fun to watch people walking by. There is a really fun store across the street- Polka Dog Bakery -where many dog lovers were filing in and out with and without their dogs, buying all the things a dog would love- you know- really delicious, highly healthy, homemade dog treats, cool leashes and other dog apparel, and the most enormous dog bones I have ever seen. Check them out at Dog Spa in Beverly carries some of their things, but if you are in the South End, the store is pretty neat.

So anyway, about the food at Coppa..

We tried the

Tonna Conserva- Italian tuna belly with olives, radish and parcel – OKAY! This is the one that I have been thinking about since I left- Sooooo good. The tuna was cured, so it was not sushi, but it was also not cooked tuna, served on bruschetta. We both thought this is was just terrific.

Pollo Milanese- Crispy Chicken with spinach, lemon and artichokes- I thought this was pretty tasty and filling, but not that special. Lauren really liked this- this was her favorite!

Pesce al Mattorie- Cod under a brick with pistachios, capers and meyer lemon-this was fresh and light with interesting accents from the lemon and nuts and I liked it. Lauren didn’t like the texture of the cod- she thought it was slimy.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara- Smoked Pancetta, sea urchins, farm egg and scallions- oouuu– I was trying for adventurous with the sea urchin, but Lauren said, “low tide Mom- tastes like low tide” and I would have to agree. You can take the sea urchin out of the low tide, but you can’t take the low tide out of the sea urchin- sorry!

Also on the menu is an extensive selection of house made charcutierie, handmade pastas and wood oven pizzas- I bet they’re good.

Anyway, all in all a great experience- I would go back again and again if  had the opportunity!

I wish that I had brought my camera because Coppa has a really great feel to it, but unlike so many other restaurants, I was unable to get good photos on google. We tried with Lauren’s camera, but it was too dark. The web site has great pictures so check them out at

Happy New Year and Bon Appetit!

Robin and Lauren

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  1. Gina

    Dearest Robin,

    Your soul shines through. I delight in reading your dining blog, beginning with the love light in your eyes and Lauren’s.

    You have a gift.

    Prague Blaugue?

    I have NO attachment to any of this. Simply a statement of valuing.


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