Myers and Chang… another South End Winner!

A little birthday cake!

On Thursday night, a bunch of girlfriends met me in the South End at Myers and Chang for a little late breaking, big birthday celebration and a lot of food! The photo above was photoshopped to resemble one of those Thai temple rubbings- maybe this is  a little overkill, but I thought Martha Stewart would probably do it, so it must be okay. Anyway, Myers and Chang describes itself as “a funky indie diner setting offering Chef/owner Joanne Chang and Executive Chef Matthew Barros’s very personal interpretation of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese specialties”. That description works for me. The first thing you notice about Myers and Chang is the unique, funkiness of the place and the second thing is the GREAT service. I immediately liked the “kids” (and this will give you a little heads up on how BIG that birthday was) who work there – from our waitress, to the bartender who made change for the meter for me -it struck me as a very personable staff who care a lot about the success of the restaurant. These people have a sense of humor as well. Go to their website at and check out the staff page (and the menu while your at it).

The menu has lots of dim sum choices as well as more substantial main dishes, and noodle and rice dishes. We decided that we would each pick two things off the menu and share everything. That meant 20 plates and what turned out to be PLENTY of food. We could have ordered about a third less food and been fine, but that would have been complicated as we are all pretty used to making our own decisions. Everyone got a pencil and a “post-it”  to make notes … I asked them to put their names on their comments, but they didn’t listen, so now I have a big stack of anonymous comments.  Also, today, while I was on the phone with my mother, my dog grabbed the stack of “post-its” and well… I hope everyone feels their opinions were represented.

I am going to mention the highs and lows, and spend a little time in the middle, but 20 seems like too much…

The number one thing that I enjoyed about this menu is the variety of different flavors and textures. There were some very light and refreshing  dim sum dishes such as the edamame and celery slaw, the Chinese sesame cucumbers, the crispy spring rolls and the fresh rolls. The spring rolls and fresh rolls both came with a flavorful dipping sauce that most people liked.  I also really liked the unexpected flavors in some of the dishes- not everyone agreed with this opinion. I tasted Anise in a couple of the dishes- particularly in the shrimp and lemon wonton . Anise seems to be a spice that you either like or don’t like.

Other favorites included the wok roasted mussels with lemongrass and grilled garlic toast and panko-crusted lemon chicken which was simple and tasty.   The Thai ginger chicken salad was a favorite among those who like spicy food and I LOVED the sweet potato fritters with sriracha aioli and chinese sausage. The most substantial offering that we tried was the Chicken and waffles – a ginger sesame waffle with hot and sweet sauce.By the time this arrived, I was at my tasting limit but others thought it was good.

I’m not sure about the veggies.. both the brussel sprouts and wok charred baby bok choy tasted and smelled burnt and sooty. I am not sure if that is what they mean by “charred”, but if it is, I am not a fan. I really like both of those vegetables under normal circumstances but I just think that maybe they were a little over- charred?

All in all, Myers and Chang was a fun and adventurous dining destination. From the funky decor, to the enthusiastic service, to the diverse and interesting menu…this is a great spot. Also, this is a place that you can try a few things and not break the bank -which is always a good thing! I would definitely go back to Myers and Chang if I had the opportunity. Oh! And the chocolate cake was delicious!

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