Teatro in the Theater District!

This week, Gary and I went to Teatro on Tremont Street in the Theater District with some friends. This is a confusing photo- it looks like a spaceship has just landed , but I think that this is just a difficult space to photograph ( I couldn’t find a better photo). Teatro’s dining room is one large room with lots of tables with an ornately decorated vaulted ceiling -the building was originally a Synagogue.  Because this is a pre-theater crowd, the restaurant fills up quickly and because of the large room and high ceilings, it is very noisy.  I liked the atmosphere- very lively. Teatro’s chef  is Chef Jamie Mammanos of  Sorillina, Moo and Mistral fame. This is Mammano’s most reasonably priced restaurant and self-described as delivering “contemporary, upbeat Italian classics”. This restaurant has delivered since 2003, so it has a following.

We ordered three small plates to begin- the Crispy Calamari with Aioli, Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Bruschetta, and Grilled Octopus Sopressanta and Crispy Potatoes. The Calamari was pretty much calamari in my opinion- I always think it tastes good, but is pretty much fried food. The bruschetta was good, but the octopus was really delicious. I had never tried octopus before and I am developing a new ability to ignore the whole visual of what it was before it was served to me- so yes, it was great! I loved the texture and with the onions and potatoes – delicious!

Next, we had entrees…the “Seared Scallops with Celery Root Puree, Brussels Sprouts and Bacon”, the “Spinach and Mascarpone Ravioli with Creme Fraiche and Parsley”, the “Orchetta with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage” and I had the Cod and Clam Special (shown) that the waitress was pushing hard. I think most really enjoyed their dinners. I tasted the scallops and thought they were good. I tasted Gary’s spinach ravioli and thought it was REALLY GREAT– the pasta was home-made and delicious and the spinach inside was a bright green and so tasty. The Orchetta was reported as “delicious”. The cod, while it looked good on the plate, was so salty that my tongue burned all the way home; but I forgive the waitress for recommending it because she also recommended the octopus which I am so happy that I tried. One other note: for those of you looking for those illusive cheap, but good eats, Teatro has a Wednesday night Spaghetti and Meatball Special for $9.95 -with great atmosphere!

Here is the bad news…because I am saving up for my trip to see Lauren, I parked at a meter that was about to expire by the time the waitress got back to us for desserts and the last time I tried to dodge the meter maid,  I got the $40.00 ticket and then the penalty for not paying it on time (don’t tell my kids), so we left without dessert which looked pretty good. We were going to have the Mocha Semifreddo with Salted Carmel and Chocolate Sauce and the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries, but alas the meter called. Next time.

All and all, I thought that Teatro delivered what it promised. If you know what to order, you could probably leave feeling like you had a great meal for the price. There are a few clunkers on the menu, but I would recommend it for a good pre-theater meal. Don’t forget to check our their website at www.teatroboston.com


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  1. i received a gift certificate to hammersley’s if you would like to pick a thursday night i will meet you that way if you get a parking ticket at least the meal will be complimentary ( free)

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