Sibling Rivalry on Tremont in the South End!

Gary and I went to Sibling Rivalry this week in the South End!

Meanwhile, on another continent, Lauren has made her way back to Prague from Mallorca, Spain where she and Sarah Tallett have been visiting Annie Brown. Lauren swears that on her person is next weeks blog- something about paella- along with photos.

Anyway, Sibling Rivalry has been recommended to me by a couple of people who really love it and we loved it too. I think I would probably walk right by the exterior and not even notice it – a modern glass façade, but inside, it is decorated in rich, warm colors. This photo looks as if all the tables are really close together, but it is really a large restaurant with lots of different types of seating. There are 145 seats including 2 bars, a lounge, booths and larger tables. We sat at the kitchen bar which you can see in this photo. It looks right into the kitchen and is a really fun place to sit.

The story behind the name “Sibling Rivalry” is that the restaurant is owned by two chefs, Bob and David Kinkaid, who are brothers. The menu is divided down the middle with offerings from David on the left and Bob on the right  with the idea that they are in competition with one another. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about competition, so I like this idea! Bob and David are from a family of ten siblings and Bob is the older of the two. From reading their bios, I learned that Bob started in the restaurant business back in 1983, and in 1985 became executive Chef and partner of 21 Federal in Nantucket. From there, he moved to Washington DC to start Twenty One Federal and he has had many  successes since,  including two other restaurants and many awards and  a cookbook. Bob helped his younger brother get started in the restaurant business back when he was at 21 Federal in Nantucket and since then, David has had many successes as well- working with Lydia Shire in Boston as well as David Burke and Jean Joho in Chicago. In 2000, David opened Todd English’s Kingfish Hall and in 2004, he and his brother opened Sibling Rivalry. David is in the restaurant every night and Bob lives and works in his restaurants in the DC area and visits the Boston restaurant once a month or so. AH- Ha! I have two brothers who I love, but we wouldn’t last a New York minute working together in a restaurant with knives lying around- I had to get to the bottom of this story and there you have it!

So- the food…I got some help from the really great wait staff.  I would have ordered the flounder (which I have since heard is also good), but TJ (our waiter) suggested the Sautéed Sweet Maine Shrimp “Scampi” Style over Creamy Polenta with Lemon Parsley and Garlic. This was really delicious with a great balance of lemon and garlic. Next, I had the Pan Seared Sushi Grade Tuna, Pork and Ginger Wontons with Baby Bok Choy and Chinese Black Bean Sauce. This is a beautiful piece of tuna with amazing wontons.  I have really become a fan of tuna and this was a great preparation. Gary had the Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels in a Spicy Thai Ginger-Coconut Milk Curry with Cilantro and Lime  followed by the Rack of Lamb with Green Garlic and Panko Crust, First of Season Asparagus, Asparagus Flan and Black Truffle Vinaigrette. Does this sound delicious?- It was! I especially loved the flan in combination with the lamb. Needless to say, we were pretty full after all that! Check out their website at

Another waitress, Megan, suggested that the Beehive (next door) is a fun place to check out, so on our way out, we ducked in there to see what it is all about. This is a really fun and funky spot. They have entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night- two sets- one from 6:30 until 8:30 and then another from 10:00 until 2:00. Check out their website at to see their line up of entertainment. The early set is various jazz artists- it is a very intimate setting and you can eat there or elsewhere and sit at the bar for an after dinner drink. The later it gets, the longer the wait to get in. I’ll have to check out their food sometime soon.

One more thing to mention is that restaurant week is coming up soon! For some, this falls during the kid’s Spring Break, but there are two weeks…Here is a link to the guide. There are lots of great restaurants participating including Sibling Rivalry and The Beehive and so many more!


MARCH 14-19, 2010 | MARCH 21-26, 2010

The Insider’s Guide to Boston Restaurant Week provides lots of info about the participating restaurants and can be found at . Scroll on down to look through the list of participating restaurants and their prix fixe menus (2-course lunches for $15.10, 3-course lunches for $20.10 and 3-course dinners for $33.10).

Thanks everyone for you help with email addresses this week.

Bon Apetite!



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2 responses to “Sibling Rivalry on Tremont in the South End!

  1. Megan Shaughnessy

    I’ll break the ice here….I had the flounder last week and was obsessed!! I’m sure when my mom reads your post she will be cracking up because we had TJ, too and my parents went to the Beehive, too!!

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