Restaurant Port-Vell in Barcelona!

Hola Lectores!!!
As maybe you know, Sarah and I are in Prague and this past week took a trip to visit our best friend Annie in beautiful Palma, Mallorca.  On the way we stopped in Barcelona for a few nights which was lots of fun and also a great change of pace in food!  Suddenly, we were surrounded by delicious Paella restaurants, something unique to Spain and definitely non-existent in Prague.  After we landed, we were walking around Las Ramblas looking for some dinner when we found ourselves along the boardwalk at a restaurant called Restaurant Port-Vell. There was a great atmosphere and like many of the Spanish restaurants, it felt as though we were in the communal dinning room of someone’s home and in this case,
in the company of some Spanish families.  What was really spectacular was the delicious and beautiful Paella.  Maybe it was that we had been traveling a lot, or that we haven’t really eaten any seafood here in Prague, but the meal could not have been more delicious! The Paella was filled with mariscos y todo fue muy fresco.  Okay, that’s all I have!  Sarah and I will write soon about some authentic Czech cuisine.  We have yet to really eat with anyone willing to eat the meaty Czech meals, but when we do, we will document it for sure as it is quite fascinating and, I hear, very delicious too.

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