La Botte Piena, Montefollonico, Tuscany

As I mentioned, we tried a few restaurant in the small ancient towns around Pienza. They were all good, but our favorite was La Botte Piena in Montefollonico. We liked it so much that we ate there twice. La Botte Piena is very cozy with patient and friendly service. I think that their specialty is probably their steaks because we saw a number of HUGE steaks go by our table. Along with steaks, this restaurant serves traditional Tuscan fare which is very straight-forward, good food and we loved it. Lauren is still a fish-eating vegetarian, so she loved their Tuscan bean soups and their delicious salad with onions, beans and tuna. I had the cut steak with arugula and tomatoes. The steak was great and we shared a baked onion that was fantastic!The wine list was extensive…..luckily, I am a very fast reader!The waitress and chef were extremely welcoming and kind….We left felling happy and full…And that’s the end of that little story!

The last leg of the trip is Prague where we will meet up with Gary and find out exactly what Lauren has been up to in that city! I want to find out if she has actually purchased any text books yet. hmmmm

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