The Blog from Prague..

Magically, we have been in Prague for four days now- I had to do a little catching up with the blog because we were out and about so much in Tuscany.

As advertised, Prague is a very interesting and beautiful city. Spring is just about to explode here and with it comes many tourists. The streets are filled with kids on school break and people from all over enjoying the city. The Gothic and Baroque architecture is amazing. Everywhere you look there is an incredible building -many ornamented with sculptures. It was fun to have Lauren tour us through the city- she absolutely loves it here and does not especially want to come home! Oh… and I have discovered that the text books have been purchased, but are still apparently in mint condition. FYI…apparently the late night scene here is really fun!

We have done a few really interesting things and eaten a lot of food. I am considering calling the airline to see if I can buy a second seat for myself for the ride home.

My favorite things in Prague (in no particular order) include…

1. Seeing Lauren’s dorm and spending time with her.

2.Walking across the Charles Bridge; walking everywhere for that matter. Above is a view of the castle at night from the Charles Bridge

3. Visiting the Veletrzni Palace (the modern art museum). They have an incredible collection of 19th, 20th and 21st century Czech and European art. Also French Impressionists, a room full of Picassos, and many Czech cubist masterpieces. We were only able to do two floors, but it was amazing and absolutely no one there.

4. The Castle – a little crowded, but interesting. We got the audio tour and I hung in there for about an hour and a half . All you history buffs out there would love it! Below is a photo of Prague from the castle….

5. The trip to the Jewish ghetto. This was not fun, but very interesting. Do this in the rain for the ultimate in gloom.

6. Our hotel- The Golden Well. One of my favorite hotels ever. Small, cute, warm, out of the hustle-bustle, great free snacks and wine, world’s best service and NOT EXPENSIVE!!!! Below is the view from our room… If you are planning a trip to Prague check it out at

7. Meeting up with the Talletts to have a delicious Czech dinner. The Talletts are old friends from Manchester and Sarah (second from left) is Lauren’s roommate here in Prague.8. Eating all kinds of food-  the traditional Czech food includes a lot of wild boar and goulash and other meaty things…(above is Goulash with knedlíky (dumplings), but there is also a lot of other types of food here. Even the most traditional spots we tried had things like salads and omelette on the menu.

We tried the hot wine, the cold beer (beer, beer everywhere), the funky pretzels, the baked potatoes that the street vendors sell with cheese or sausage or whatever, the Starbuck’s coffee :), croissants, chicken wings, pork cracklings,  beef stroganoff, crepes, french fries, potato soup, pear salad, chocolate cake, spring rolls, eggplant enchiladas, cheese and jalapeno quesidilla, fresh humus, couscous, pasta and much more- it was pretty much all good, but it is probably time to take a break from all the eating and get back to work.

Below is a photo of me going back to my life in Manchester (thanks to the Veletrzni Palace).


Robin and Lauren


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2 responses to “The Blog from Prague..

  1. cathy brown

    What a great blog from Praha! I felt like I was there with you. Welcome home.

  2. Ellen

    Thanks for sharing your amazing trip with all of us! I really enjoyed the final picture!

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