The Temple Bar in Cambridge!

This week, Graham and I went in search of some good vegetarian fare. Graham is home after a year out in Colorado, so he is all about recycling and reducing our carbon footprint – okay, I hear that, I can get green too!  I google searched “vegetarian” and “Cambridge” (I thought that would be a likely combo) and up came Temple Bar. The Temple Bar has a special vegetarian tasting menu- a four course meal for $30.00, so off we went.

The Temple Bar is a fun, contemporary, and reasonably priced American Bistro located in between Harvard Square and Porter Square on Mass. Ave. They have a little parking lot in the back and we were able to pull right in. If the lot is full, you will be driving around looking for a meter. It was a beautiful night and the Temple Bar has those giant windows up front that open onto the street (similar to Sonsie in the Back Bay). Wow, that reminds me, remember Sonsie? – that was one of our first restaurants and a really fun one! Anyway, We sat right inside the windows in the nice comfy green chairs, so it was the best of both worlds.

We had a cute waitress, and she immediately informed us that they would not be offering the vegetarian tasting menu- hmmm. Okay, well that’s okay because there are a number of other vegetarian options on the menu. They have pastas, a risotto, salads and thin crust pizza. We ordered the cheese fondue for two as an appetizer. This is served with grilled asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower and curiously, biscotti. The vegetables are fantastic with the fondue and the biscotti we brought home for later. I ordered the Seared George’s Bank Scallops which were undercooked, but our waitress cheerfully took them back and returned them a little more well done with a free glass of wine. The scallops are served with brussel sprouts, and those thin curly fried potato strings. It is a very pretty presentation, but the scallops were a little too salty. Graham got the White Truffle Pizza which is a thin crust pizza with avocado, tear drop tomatoes, baby arugula, white truffle oil and aged balsamic vinaigrette on top! This is really great pizza and if I were to go back to the Temple Bar,  this is what I would order. Fun atmosphere, $13.00 pizza, no cows involved,  sitting outside in Cambridge on a beautiful night in May – fantastic! Check out their menu at

Bon Appetit,



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3 responses to “The Temple Bar in Cambridge!

  1. Kathy Hines

    Yummm! Sounds like my kind of place:) Good find!

  2. Catherine Steinhoff

    Will send this review to some of my veggie customers…C

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