Art Opening and RendezVous in Cambridge!

On Wednesday a group of us headed into Cambridge for Sara Egan’s art opening at the Paul Dietrich Gallery, Seven Central Associates on Mass Ave.  Sara’s show is called “Composition”,  an exhibition of plaster and panels and her new work is really beautiful!  Her paintings will be there until July 30th, so if you are in the neighborhood, you should stop in. Also, you can view her work on her website at but to be honest, you really need to see it in person to appreciate the beautiful combinations of color and light and texture.

Next stop,  RendezVous in Central Square. I had not been to Central Square since my post college days and it has changed a lot. It used to be that you would not feel safe walking through this area. Now it’s very busy, and very eclectic and very “big city”.  I was with my friend who drives a Thunderbird (yes kids, I have a friend who drives a Thunderbird), and it was challenging to find  parking spot. In the end, she pulled up to  the parking space right in front of the restaurant – lucky!  Thunderbird, hmmm….that reminds me of Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. I went  to one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden when I was 16. He did a running split across two grand pianos while playing his guitar!  I’ll never forget it. Here’s a link to a Thunder Road video.

Springsteen & the E Street Band Live 1976
Okay, back to reality….    Amid the semi-chaos of Central Square is RendezVous.  Rendezvous is a welcome oasis in the midst of hectic Central Square.
The restaurant has a big open feeling (it used to be a Burger King) with artwork displayed on all of the walls. Right now they have a photography exhibit entitled Images of Our World with photographs from around the world by Don Gurewitz. Don’s work can be seen on his website at RendezVous has a great feel to it and the food is terrific! The menu at RendezVous is described by chef/owner Steve Johnson as “inspired by the flavors and aromas of the western Mediterranean – Italy, France, Spain and North Africa as well as by the market approach to cooking common to people in that part of the world”.  Here’s what we tried:


Boston lettuce salad with apples, cheddar cheese, spiced pecans and cider vinaigrette- this was a great combination of fresh and tangy ingredients.

Salad of frisee lettuce and Maine lobster with blood orange, pomegranate seeds and mint -this was terrific: very pretty, great citrus taste and lots of lobster.

Vegetable antipasto with roasted eggplant puree and muhummara- very pretty on the plate.

Sautéed soft shell crab with maras pepper, lemon aioli and pea tendrils- delicious, I love soft shell crab!


Halibut and littlenecks braised in white wine and olive oil, with leeks, escarole and potato- light and simple- Mary ordered this without the littlenecks.

Braised pork and meatballs with toasted orecchiette, maitakes and piave cheese – this is FANTASTIC!!! Ellen was nice enough to share some of this with everyone. Spicy with great textures and tastes- the mushrooms are really good as is the toasted orecchiette.

“Bollito misto” braised vegetables and creamy truffled polenta- Michele liked this- I think the truffles are the key and it was  a nice presentation.

RendezVous is a great spot. The food is interesting and delicious and beautifully presented. The service is great – we were late and the restaurant was very busy, but I never felt rushed. I would definitely go back. RendezVous was not inexpensive, but I thought it was worth it! Check out the rest of the menu at .

Bon Appetit!



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2 responses to “Art Opening and RendezVous in Cambridge!

  1. Mary Higgins

    Thank you for inviting to be a part of your 52restaurants52weeks sojourn. I was honored to be week 37 (and want a t-shirt). Although I was the one to provide the ultra-cool ride, you were clearly the “celeb du jour”. Next week I am hoping you will bring your harmonica and do a split between the tables. Bruce got nothin’ on you! Great fun, great restaurant, aewsome company.

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