Brown Sugar Cafe – Thai on Comm. Ave

Last night, Graham and I drove through a torrential downpour on Route 1 and then sat in bumper to bumper traffic on Storrow Drive (oversized truck stuck under a bridge) so that we could meet Lauren at The Brown Sugar Cafe on Commonwealth Avenue near the Agganis Arena. Was it worth it?

Having driven down this stretch of road a bunch of times on my way to pick up Lauren, I realized that I had never noticed The Brown Sugar Cafe. It is currently all decked out in flower boxes for the summer and looks really cute among the mish mash of businesses and fast foods places on Comm Ave.

Inside the restaurant is a long thin L shape which Graham thought had some Fung Shui issues, but it has high ceilings and a good amount of space.  By 7:00 it’s busy. The wait staff is quick to get your order and the food comes out tout suite. This might bother some, but this is a fairly inexpensive quick meal kind of place. The menu is really extensive and I was a little overwhelmed by it.

Here’s what we had:

We started with the Brown Sugar Fresh Rolls. So good and so good for you. The presentation is great with a colorful dipping sauce and carrots carved to look like flowers how do they do that and charge $6.95 for an appetizer?

We also had the Golden Triangles which are vegetable spring rolls in the shape of little triangles. These are just okay. The filling has a potato-like texture to it that I wasn’t wild about, but again, the presentation is beautiful.

For Entrees:

I ordered one of the specials called avocado Dancing, which turns out to be a spicy version of a chicken goulash with large pieces of chicken and potatoes. The avocado is underneath and I did not notice it dancing. In fact, I couldn’t really taste the avocado because the rest of the dish was so spicy. That said, I think there are lots of good things on their menu, this just isn’t one of them.

Lauren ordered the Pai Thai Country Style.  This comes with eggs, chicken and shrimp (she had a veggie version), spiced tofu bits and turnips.  They have five or six different types of Pad Thai on the menu and I would like to try them all.  The Brown Sugar Cafe has a reputation for great Pad Thai.

Graham ordered Vegetable Fried Rice and that is very good as well. They also have a wide variety of fried rice dishes that all sound great. The noodle and rice dishes are all in the $10.00 to $13.00 range and a pretty generous size portion.

For dessert:

Green Tea Ice Cream – This is interesting…ever had ice cream with absolutely no flavor? This is exactly was this is. It’s really strange and we kept wanting to taste it again in the hopes that it would get some flavor, but it didn’t.

Brown Sugar Banana Dumpling- hmmm interesting as well, but not good. Kind of weird texture. I think there are beans involved somehow.

They do have other options: Mango Ice Cream, Thai Coffee Custard, Mango split, Expresso Ice Cream. We didn’t try these, but they sound good!

Check out their lengthy menu at

I would defiantly go back to The Brown Sugar Cafe and order one of the Pad Thai or Fried Rice dishes. It is really tasty and healthy food and it  is pretty inexpensive. You can also get it as take out, or you can have it delivered for a $2.00 delivery charge! Fantastic!

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  1. I used to go here with Kate a lot when she was at B.U. We loved it. Quick and relatively inexpensive. Yes, the Pad Thai is great!

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