The Franklin Cape Ann reviewed by Lauren and Friends!

Guest Bloggers: Sarah Tallett (in photo with Lauren), Annie Brown and Lucy Minott!!

Overall, we had a wonderful dinner experience at the Franklin!  The ambiance we felt was a bit dark but the mood was lightened by the “spunky classic music.”  I think it was Annie who stated that it has the “feel of a ship’s cabin.”  We were surprised to be the only other party  besides some people at the bar and a large gathering of ladies for a sixtieth birthday party, but we thought maybe this was because it was late on a Thursday, and expect that they get most of their business on the weekends.  The wait staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

We were very impressed with the drink menu, which Lucy summed up nicely as being “more fisherman than frill”.  The cocktails we got were spot on from presentation to taste.

Now for the food itself!  We were overall very pleased with the food.  As a group of almost all vegetarians, we can only offer up our opinions on the vegetarian food but we were very satisfied which is often not the case when eating vegetarian food at a non-vegetarian restaurant!  We sampled some appetizers, the calamari and the grilled shredded zucchini with white beans and almonds.  Both were very delicious, though there were mixed feelings about the grilled calamari as it came in four large tentacles, but I think the consensus was positive.  For dinner, we ordered two dishes from their vegetarian menu; the corn and tomato salad, and the mussels.  Both received rave reviews; full of flavor and lots of fresh, delicious veggies – believe it or not that is our criteria for delicious food!  From the sampling of seafood that some people enjoyed, I would venture to say we have high hopes and expectations for their seafood as well. Check out their menu at

That’s all for now!

Bon Appetit,

Lauren, Sarah, Annie and Lucy

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One response to “The Franklin Cape Ann reviewed by Lauren and Friends!

  1. Nice job, girls. Did you find it a bit noisy? I haven’t been for several years, but I remember it such. Fot you vegetarians…If you are ever at Cygnet, they do a pretty sweet veggie plate. Try it. Cheers, B 🙂

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