Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge

This is the sculpture mounted on the exterior of Cuchi Cuchi

Last week I went to a Big Birthday Bash for a close friend at Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge. I had never been to Cuchi Cuchi; what an experience! Cuchi Cuchi describes it’s mission. … “We wanted to personify the age of old world beauty (la belle epoch) and early Hollywood, the time of luxury, glamour, gaiety… little trysts, tinkling champagne glasses…” It’s an ambitious goal and they accomplish it with lots of period decor, waitresses in costume and a few well dressed mannequins named Lovely, Darling, Dearheart and Conchita.

We sat closest to Darling (seen right) and I truly wish that I had read her “bio” from the website before I went for dinner because I would have gotten so much more out of seeing her in person! Turns out that Darling is quite the naughty girl. Here is an excerpt from her ‘Bio”……

“After her wedding fiasco Darling took a month off and is now back at CC with a vengeance as a”Bad Girl/ Good Heart/so where’s my drink and what’s your point?” attitude. To prove HER point, she’s wearing an original costume (authenticated by Miramax Films and Premiere Props) from the movie “Chicago”….This was from the Chicago musical number entitled “He had it coming..” where the imprisoned ladies kick open their cells and let us know why they killed their lovers.” You can read all of the mannequins bios at their website which is

Are you starting to get a feel for the ambiance?

  This is a girls night out spot. There is an extensive cocktail menu with lots of girly drinks like the YouGiveMeFever, the Blackberry Cosmo, the AliCat, the DirtyLittleSecret, the SomeLikeItHot and more. Someone ordered this one, but I am not sure which one it is…let me know if you can identify it.About the food…..

Cuchi Cucchi specializes in “small plates”, not tapas, because their cuisine is not solely from Spain but from many different countries. The waitress recommended that we each order two plates and then add five more. There were nine of us, so that was over 20 dishes! Possibly a little more than we needed. If you go to Cuchi Cuchi, order less and if you have ideas about how you would like the dishes to come out, you should mention it to your server. The food came to us in large waves and it was a little overwhelming. I don’t think there was anything I tried that I didn’t like, but we were often tasting two or three things at once on the same plate, so it was hard to separate out the flavors. My favorite dish is the Tuna Lavash which is sushi-grade tuna, greens, pickled watermelon, organic bacon, rolled in lavash bread and grilled with Asian dipping vinaigrette. I also love the fried artichoke hearts and the “Cuban Cigar” which beef short ribs wrapped in dough with black bean salsa. There is definitely something for everyone on their menu!

Finally, this is the place for a girly birthday party. The service is good and the atmosphere is tons of fun. Their were a number of birthdays going on the night we were there and the staff does a really enthusiastic job with the “Happy Birthday Song” which of course is a great way to wrap up The Big Birthday Bash!

Bon Appetit!


PS- A friend told me that a gluten-free diet is good for arthritis, so I tried it, but  at lunchtime I found some leftover Beef Barley soup from Sea Street Soups in the fridge and it was all over. Has anyone found that a gluten-free diet works for arthritis? I may try again, but I need a solid reason to miss out on some of my favorite soups and bread!

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