IPazzi in Danvers!

On Saturday night we went to IPazzi on High Street in Danvers with our very good friends, Mary and John Lechner. This is a really great spot. A family run restaurant in the middle of Danvers.  Chef /Owner Tarni is incredibly dedicated to turning out beautiful plates of high quality food. His wife Anna is the hostess and also makes the delicious breads and desserts. Everything is made in the restaurant; the pasta is made to order and exquisite. Here’s a couple of examples of their fare..

The Arugula Salad

Truly one of the best salads I’ve tasted. The strawberries are perfectly ripe and so delicious in a salad.  The dressing is perfect. The Chef does a great job of making art out of food!

The Pasta:

Here’s the Fettuccine Algi Spinaci Alla Diavola which is shrimp and sliced asparagus with fresh tarragon and shallots with fettuccine pasta in a red sauce of sun-dried tomatoes. We mostly tried the pastas but the entrees look terrific too. My friend Mary had the Organic Chicken in white wine sauce with artichokes, mushrooms, and red peppers – also a beautiful presentation. There are quite a few fish options and Chef Tarni was happy to explain to me where and when he gets his fish. Suffice to say that he spends a lot of time gathering beautiful and fresh ingredients for his restaurant. There are also three fantastic sounding meat options for the carnivore set. Here’s the link to their menu so you can see for yourself..www.ipazzirestaurant.com.

I have been to IPazzi twice. On a Saturday night it is packed and the acoustics are not great. If you are someone who has trouble hearing you are not going to love this aspect of IPazzi. Also, the service was slow. The second time I went on a Monday night and the experience was totally different. We were the only people there and the service was perfect. My guess is that on a Wednesday night there might be some happy compromise between too many and too few, too noisy and dead empty. That said, the atmosphere and the staff are warm and inviting and the food is terrific.

Bon Appetit!


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