Green Land Cafe in Salem!

A couple of nights ago,  I went with two girl friends, Elizabeth and Diane, to Green Land Cafe in Salem. Most of the Halloween crowds are gone, so Salem is once again a nice destination; a little out-of-town, but still close enough. Green Land Cafe is in a nice location on Washington Street with big windows, high ceilings and an open, airy space. They have a small plates menu, a traditional menu and a lively bar. The name Green Land derives from their effort to use local produce when possible, as well as organic meats and fresh fish from the Gloucester day boats.  All in all, it’s a nice atmosphere with good food.  Here’s some of what we tried…

Here’s the Beet and Arugula Salad. We thought it was a little too heavily dressed and that took away from the flavor of the beets, but it’s a pretty presentation.  I ordered the Crab and Avocado Salad. I was expecting this to have greens and other salady things, but it is actually a half an avocado topped with  delicious crabmeat with a ginger/lime emulsion. The presentation is great and I thought this was absolutely fantastic.!!  It seems a little more like an appetizer and a little less like a salad, and a little more like a summer dish than fall/winter, but whatever, it’s very good. For entrees, Diane  ordered the Seared New England Scallops and Butternut Squash Rissoto with fresh sage, brown butter, and shaved pecorino romano. This is also delicious and here it is…

Elizabeth ordered a Lobster Special served “Lazy Man style” (thank God it wasn’t served Lazy Woman Style” or we couldn’t have ordered it) which is a lobster already split so that the meat is easily accessible. The funny thing was that the claw was still in tact, so Elizabeth asked for Lobster crackers. Unfortunately, this was the first time that the chef had offered Lobster this way and they didn’t have any lobster crackers, so the waitress came back with two large spoons. Long story short, I didn’t get a picture because there was a lot of turmoil around the lobster. We also tried the Beef Wonton  which was the small plate “special” for the evening and very crunchy and flavorful. For dessert, we shared the “Jo’s Bread Pudding”. I was so busy getting my share that I completely forgot the photograph. Oh well,  I love bread pudding and this is a good one. All in all, a few glitches, but a nice dinner destination. Here’s the link to their website..

Bon Appetit!


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