5 Corners in Marblehead!

Last weekend Lauren and I had a girl’s night out at 5 Corners in Marblehead. She was on her way to a babysitting job for two of her favorite young people in the whole wide world,  Ryan and Millie, so we went very early. After a little shopping, we headed to 5 Corners at 5:30 (which is their opening time) and got the last table they had with the understanding that we would be done by 7:00. By 5:45, every table in this cozy restaurant was full. This place is small and really popular!

Marblehead resident and Chef/Owner Barry Edelman opened 5 Corners back in May of this year. Edleman is a former chef de cuisine at Aquitane in the South End and also worked at Bistro du Midi. The last time I went to 5 Corners (a few weeks ago), I happened to get him on the phone when I made our reservation and he told me that his restaurant had just been given 3 stars by The Boston Globe that day! He was really excited and it was obvious that he is extremely passionate about both his restaurant and his food. It’s really nice to see hard-working people succeed. Edelman’s style is to present appetizers, entrees and desserts made from local, fresh ingredients when possible. It’s not fancy or fussy, but beautifully presented and delicious. Here’s what we had…

This is the steak frites with a watercress salad. I love this; the meat is cooked perfectly and the french fries are terrific. Lauren had the tagliatelle with smoked red onion, artichoke, olives, fresh ricotta and almond pesto- also delicious which was great because it is the only thing on their entree menu for vegetarians. They also serve bread from A & J King!!We were in a hurry, so we didn’t have time for the Creme Brulee that we were hoping for, but I just know it’s delicious. On my last visit to 5 Corners, I tried the sautéed skate wing with pommes purée, haricots verts, caper, cornichons & lemon brown butter and the crispy salmon with chickpea, bulgar & arugula salad and tahini garlic vinaigrette- both were delicious.

The noise level at 5 Corners is definitely notable. The dining room is a small room with a high tin ceiling. I made a mistake when taking the first photo of the pasta and actually took a video, so you can judge the noise level for yourself if you play this video.

Lauren and I discussed the pros and cons of a noisy restaurant. It’s tough when dining with someone with partial hearing loss, but..this is the kind of restaurant where you can talk about any aspect of your life, no matter how personal or embarrassing! I’d say it’s a plus! The menu for 5 Corners is posted on their blog and here’s the link…


Coming soon…Making an Apple Pie with Elizabeth and more holiday recipes to come!

Bon Appetit!

Lauren and Robin


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2 responses to “5 Corners in Marblehead!

  1. Keith

    Thanks for thinking of those of us with bad ears, I like to know of the noise levels. It sounds great, but it’s not a plus for me (although Ellen will probably overrule me).

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