Christmas in Sevilla, Spain!

Whoooa! Just back from visiting Charlie in Spain! Charlie is in Zaragoza for the year, so we went there first to see his school (SYA) and meet his friends and then took off for Sevilla for a few days. It was a really fun trip with a few logistical challenges, but then, what is life without the struggle? Delayed flights, luggage lost for a few days, then found, trains missed, plans changed, but we were happy to be together and it was truly great to see Charlie. Communicating was difficult when Charlie wasn’t around- Gary and I speak absolutely no Spanish and I am currently searching for the warranties on the AP and college level Spanish courses that Lauren and Graham have taken??? Hmmm, they  must have expired! We were relieved to find Charlie healthy and happy after four months and sad to say goodbye for another five.

Charlie loves Italian food (read Pizza and pasta), so we spent a fair amount of time exploring some of the Italian spots in Zaragoza and Sevilla, but on Christmas Day in Sevilla, we went to a place called Taberna Miami. I think this was my favorite meal.

We all thought Charlie was a wizard for picking this place. It was away from the Cathedral in a less touristy neighborhood.  Decorated with lots of bull fighting accessories and at least a couple of boars heads, this place was packed with locals and the food was fantastic. Here’s what we had….

Olives, Fried Shrimp, Tomato Salad, Calamari and Paella- all great!

About where we stayed:

In Zaragoza, we stayed in a place called Apartmentos Sabinas Bayeu. I found this spot on Trip Advisor and it was GREAT!! We paid 140 E for a clean, well-appointed apartment right across from the Basilica. The people at the front desk worked relentlessly on getting our baggage back – we were so grateful.

In Sevilla, we stayed at Apartments Puerta Cathedral which was recommended by a friend whose two children spent a semester in Sevilla, so I was pretty sure we would like it and we did. Another perfect location and again the people were so nice. These apartments are  right across the way from The Cathedral of Sevilla. By the way, if you don’t like church bells, neither one of these apartments is the place for you! We had to spend an extra day in Zaragoza while our luggage caught up with us, so we ended up arriving in Sevilla late on Christmas Eve. When we arrived there was a long line of people at the train station looking for taxis and not one taxi. When I called the apartment manager at Puerta Cathedral she said “Do you see the white car across the street? That is a friend who has agreed to bring you to the apartments because the cabs have all gone home!”. We couldn’t believe it! Thank you to Julia and Javier!

All in all a great trip. Hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve and is ready for a very Happy New Year!

Bon Appetit and Buen Provecho!


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