Russo’s Food Market in Watertown!


On Wednesday, Elizabeth Canny, Cyndy Tallett, Lauren and I all met at Russo’s food market in Watertown. Russo’s is incredible: There’s a bakery, meat, a huge cheese section, prepared foods, flowers (cut and live), nuts, dried fruits and more, but the real star of the show is the outrageous selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a trip that will perk you up while we wait for the ever-illusive “Spring in New England”. I came home with all kinds of treats: fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, fresh pickles, vegetables chips, olives, herbs  and of course, lots of fruit and vegetables!

Working on putting this slide show on the more current blog.

Bon Appetit,

Robin and Lauren

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One response to “Russo’s Food Market in Watertown!

  1. I love the information on this blog!! My favorite thing to do is shop for food. This looks like a must-see store. Your photos are gorgeous – fun day.

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